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A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah Maas (Book Review) 5 Stars!


Fantasy/Romance/New Adult

Goodreads Blurb

Quick backstory. I have been seeing this book everywhere. Instagram, Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, etc… and I honestly didn’t want to read it because of the hype. I know that sounds strange but hear me out. I have a track record of reading “hyped up” books and not liking them because I expect them to be amazing and they don’t live up to it. Surprisingly, not this one. I LOVED this book! I am also surprised by how much I loved this because I have strayed away from Young Adult/New Adult and Fantasy reads all together. No particular reason, I have just been into the adult romance reads for years. I must say, I classify this book as New Adult due to overall and sexual content. It’s also definitely a fantasy read.

I loved this book because of the captivating plot and the strong female main character. Feyre. Since this book is a fantasy read, it’s VERY descriptive yet not excessively detailed. (One of the hangups I usual run into.) The story follows Feyre, a mortal/human, and her life. She is young, innocent yet determined and strong. She is the youngest sister of three, living with her physically disabled father. She is a self taught hunter and the only source of income and food for her family. When she unknowingly kills a faerie, another monstrous immortal comes looking for retribution. He wants Feyre for the life she stole. Feyre is swepted away into the land of the faeries. This story is SO INTERESTING to me! I forced myself to put this book down a handful of times over a weekend to let it soak in (and to try and get some chores done) but I looked forward to picking it back up every single time.

Feyre is thrown into the world of faeries. I found it so interesting and fun to see how she would react to everything. I also LOVED seeing her stand her ground and make a name for herself. Without giving to much away, I was practically cheering out loud for her towards the end. I was so invested in her and wanted her to succeeded. Feyre has easily become one of my favorite characters out there!

Besides the great plot and main character, Feyre, the other characters, Tamlin, Rhys and Lucian were SO GOOD. Each character had their own well-developed personalities and backstories that made them intriguing. I constantly wanted to know MORE. I also really liked the snarkiness of Lucian and Rhys. If you read any reviews you can easily pick out the two favorite love interests for Feyre, Tamlin and Rhys, among readers/bloggers. I am not going to lie…I was over in my own corner rooting for Lucian. Anyone else out there!?! But I was totally swooning over Tamilin and Rhys.

You have to read this book! Buy now on Amazon.

4 thoughts on “A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah Maas (Book Review) 5 Stars!

  1. I also loved this book quite a bit. I love Rhys over Tamlin (reasons explained in the next book). I definitely liked how Feyre stood her ground in this book and made a name for herself

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