Regretting You by Colleen Hoover – 6 Stars (Book Review)

Copy provided for an honest review.

Goodreads Blurb

This book is complicated. It’s about life, love and relationships. Some romance? Yes. Drama, hell yes!

Where do I even begin?!

This book was AMAZING. I couldn’t put it down even though it was wrecking me. I didn’t see the twists and turns coming. My heart hurt so many times yet it also soared. I wanted to scream out in rage and I had to suppress sobs. I was rooting for some characters yet physically yelling out reprimanding them. Why did I endure all of this? Because this book has everything I love. It follows a story that could happen or has happened to any us. It was realistic and genuine. It made me stop and reflect on my life. Overall this story made me FEEL.

Colleen is a master at crafting a story. This story was so well written and the characters were complex, realistic and relatable. The plot kept me guessing from the very first page and never did I feel bored nor did I think any of it was out of this world unrealistic. This book hooked me.

Without giving too much away this is a story about a family. Specifically centered around a mother and her daughter as they navigate series of complicated events called “life”. We, the readers, get to see how these individuals react to these events and see how life forces them to grow, change and take new paths.

You want to read an amazing story that will take you on a roller coaster ride!? This book is 1 million percent for you.

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