The Air He Breathes (The Elements Series) By Brittainy C. Cherry (Book Review)


Category: Romance (Contains Death/Personal Loss)

5 of 5

“Stay away from him,” people said. “He’s cruel.” “He’s cold.” “He’s damaged” (Quoted from the book)

Tristan has a tragic past that leaves him empty, cold…a monster. Elizabeth also has a tragic past that leaves her shattered and unable to function. After spending some time away, Liz decides that it is time for her and her daughter to face the life that she ran away from only to encounter Tristan. Tristan is anything but pleasant to Liz. His cruel demeanor intrigues Liz. With both of them in pieces and Liz ready to move on with their life, only they can help each other heal.

Be prepared for tears (a lot of tears). This book will take you on an emotional journey.

I love how well rounded both characters, Tristan and Liz, are. Their stories feel believable (and tragic!). Although there were times I wanted to slap Tristan for his rude/cruel remarks and actions…he grew on me. Like Liz, I wanted to know his full story which is why I couldn’t put this book down!

Give this book a try, it will leave you feeling appreciative of each and every day.

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