Borden by R. J. Lewis (Book 1) (Book Review)


WARNING! – Extreme graphic violence and explicit sexual content! There are some uncomfortable situations within this book but it makes this story an emotional and captivating read. Definitely worth reading.

Marcus Borden has a past that is full of crime, pain and loss. After leaving for four years he returns mysteriously rich and powerful. Now a crime boss with the power to do as he wants, he comes across a beautiful woman that he has briefly met years ago. After seeing her…He wants only her.

Emma Warne is “fiercely independent” woman who knows what it is like growing up with almost nothing. She has a past that has forced her to keep to herself. A sudden turn of events leads her to a dangerous encounter with the crime boss, Marcus Borden. She can’t seem to shake him and the more she pushes him away, the more he pursues.

Wow. Just wow. This book is so full of emotions and situations that will take your breath away. I don’t think I can fully express how intense of a ride this book took me on. I could NOT put it down. I was so captivated by all the details, the characters and the plot.

The main characters, Borden and Emma, are so well developed and well-rounded with their detailed back stories. Both of them come from a troubled past of poverty, drugs/alcohol and rough family situations. Their pasts have shaped them both into strong, determined and independent individuals. Borden is handsome and controlling yet has a sweet/soft side to him. Emma is beautiful and fierce. The interactions between these two are thrilling. I loved how Borden controlled Emma but loved even more how Emma would fight back. The fact that she didn’t easily give in to Borden and his requests allowed me to be okay with the dominant/controlling yet playful aspect of their relationship.

The secondary characters, Hawke and Graeme, are essential to the progression of the plot and they make great companions to Emma. Hawke is Borden’s secondhand man and “brotherly” friend. They don’t appear to be extremely close by the way they act and talk but you get the impression that they have been through a lot together. I loved Hawke’s interactions with Emma. I couldn’t help but to laugh and get flustered with her when Hawke would be irritating. Graeme doesn’t talk much or share many details of his life. He is very interesting though. I love that he wants to do a good job, protecting Emma, and that Emma’s and his relationship grows towards friendship.

The plot of this book is thrilling and fresh. Borden’s past and current criminal activity keeps the story moving and keeps the reader on edge…you never know what’s going to happen next.

R. J. Lewis’ writing/writing style is absolutely fantastic. Kate’s part in the beginning of the book is essential. It really sets up the plot and how Marcus becomes the man he is when he meets Emma. I still think about Kate’s part, it has stuck with me.

Overall, this book is an emotional ride that you have to take. It will make you think days after reading…


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