50 Followers! Happy Saturday!


WOW! My blog has hit a milestone…50 followers! Thank you for following my Book Blog!

I absolutely love reading my fellow book reviewer’s and author’s posts here! I am always looking for a great book to read! (I love suggestions! Let me know! You can also find my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.)

This week has been crazy busy at work but I have some great reviews coming soon! See one of my latest posts for what reviews are coming soon…I also have a few unannounced reviews too!

Thank you again! Have a wonderful weekend and HAPPY READING!

6 responses to “50 Followers! Happy Saturday!”

  1. CONGRATS! 🙂 Just became a new follower so make that 51! 😉

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    1. Awesome! Thank you!!!! 😁

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  2. Congratulations!! That’s so amazing! 🎉

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    1. I am so excited! Thank you!!!!! 😁

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