Fooling Around by Noelle Adams (Book Review)

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ARC provided through NetGalley for an honest review.

Eric is pissed.  He is an attractive and pigheaded single businessman who now has a broken leg in his way. He has a business to run, a daughter to attend too and now a damn broken leg that keeps him from functioning normally. Julie left her PhD dream behind to take care of her sick and widowed mother. After her mother passes away, she is forced to decide what to do with her life. As she is leaving the hospital, after witnessing her mother’s passing, she runs into the grumpy and harsh man, Eric, in the elevator. If things couldn’t get worse, the elevator gets stuck and Eric’s impatient and arrogant attitude shines through. Julie handles the situation with ease by remaining calm, levelheaded and caring, instantly grabbing Eric’s attention. Seeing how Julie reacts in this situation makes Eric think that Julie would be a perfect assistant to him. Before he could get her name and information the elevator opens and she rushes out. Eric eventually finds out who she is and offers her a lot of money to be his assistant for 3 months – what could go wrong? A hot, arrogant man and an attractive, sweet woman working together for 3 months? Sparks may fly!

I absolutely love the concept of this book! Hot, rich business man ends ups with a broken leg and needs someone to help him during this set back. A pretty, smart, sweet and young woman finds herself in a rut after her father had passed away and mother recently passes away. I was so excited to see these two together because I knew there would be some funny, awkward and intense moments between them.

Julie is my favorite character. She has struggled with family matters and life, forcing her to let go of her dream of becoming a history professor and finishing her PhD. How realistic! I could relate to Julie because life doesn’t always go as planned and sometimes you have to give up/put aside your dreams and goals. When her mother passes she finds herself in a dark place until opportunity finds her in a stuck elevator.  $1 million for 3 months of her time. Wow! What an offer! I couldn’t help to think what I would do in this situation and Julie always seems to make the right choice or at least handles it in an appropriate manner.

I really enjoyed this book. The plot had me hooked and I devoured it in (almost) one sitting…so captivating! The only issue I had was the beginning. Eric was quick to want Julie’s help just because she handled the elevator crises with ease. If he would have expressed more physical interest in her, it would have made a bit more sense…but I looked past this once I was immersed into the story. The chemistry between Eric and Julie slowly grows and is HOT! The characters are well developed and realistic. The plot has a lot more substance than just romance. This book took me for a ride and I am so glad that I read it…it has stuck with me.

Check it out!

6 responses to “Fooling Around by Noelle Adams (Book Review)”

  1. I think I want to read this now 😄 Your post made it sound like a really great fun, romance novel. Would u recommend it?

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    1. Yes! I LOVED the concept of this book. The arrogant business man meets sweet young girl. The chemistry is hot! (There are explicit moments). It’s a great quick read!

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      1. Is it an adult book? I’m trying to work my way up with new adult and then adult books but yah I do love concept it seems rly fun 😄

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      2. Yup. It’s an adult book. That’s a great idea! Let me know if you find some good new adult books.

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  2. Awesome! I will add it to my TBR list 😍

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  3. Of course! I’ll definitely let u know!! 👍📚

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