Shut Out by Kelly Jamieson (Book Review)

ARC provided through NetGalley for an honest review.

4 of 5

Adult Romance/Hockey Romance

Jacob was a rising star on his Canadian hockey team and destined for the NHL until a single night filled with booze and poor decisions ruins everything. Now Jacob must make a choice to continue his hockey dream, he decides to head to the states to play on the team at Bayard College. Hoping the distance will keep the news of that disastrous night away, his goals are to focus on his hockey career and grades. He will not let girls tempt him and lead him astray but then he meets this beautiful girl with long blonde hair. He can’t stay away from her.

Skylar is a beautiful and smart girl trying to keep up her grades at Bayard College while juggling work, family and the loss of one of her friends who recently passed away. Having to deal with a lot she doesn’t see dating as something in her future until she meets Jacob. Jacob ignites something inside her, except he is sexy hockey play and way out of her league….or so she thinks.

I would have never thought that I would like the “Hockey Romance” genre. I am not really a hockey fan (I just don’t watch/follow it much) but I have been hooked to these types of books as of recently! I was introduced to Kelly Jamieson through NetGalley when I read another hockey romance of hers, Icing, which I really enjoyed! Check it out! I also enjoyed this book! Kelly does a wonderful job of mixing the hot chemistry and a great plot with hockey. Not being a hockey fan wasn’t an issue; I could still understand everything going on.

This book contains the sensitive subjects of suicide and rape, readers be warned, but I feel the situations Jacob and Skylar go through are important and enlightening. I personally have not dealt with these issues but I could relate and understand how the characters felt/reacted because they were well developed and believable. I am really glad that I gave this book a chance because it was so enlightening…it definitely has stuck with me the past couple days. I do wish that Jacobs “incident” would have been explained quicker than it did and I would have liked to see Skylar a bit more conflicted with what happened to her in the very beginning. I believe this book would have been even more heart wrenching and captivating if both Jacob and Skylar had their incidents brought to light more towards the beginning allowing them to work through these conflicts together or simultaneously. With that being said, Jacob and Skylar make a great couple and holy hot chemistry! There are some extremely steamy moments!

Overall I enjoyed this book. Jacob and Skylar go through some tough moments and both of them grow as individuals and as a couple. I found myself grinning and laughing with their cute interactions but I also felt devastated and heartbroken during other moments. This book will take you for a ride and stay with you after you have finished!

Check it out! Amazon – https://amzn.com/B019B6XJM4

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