Light of Dawn by Angela Colsin (Book Review) 

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Adult Romance/Paranormal Romance

Copy provided for an honest review

Charlotte’s love life is in shambles. Her marriage failed in less than a year because the chemistry just wasn’t there. Her body wouldn’t respond to her ex’s touch and her ex couldn’t handle the lack of intimacy. Charlotte feels that it is her fault that she couldn’t ignite the hot chemistry between them. Out of nowhere a cursed box is sent to her, followed by a hot dragon (draconian) warrior, Ulric, trying to find the box and collect a hefty reward. It seems like everything was planned for a reason….like Ulric was meant to meet Charlotte…Charlotte’s world has just been turned upside down.

Ulric had been a captive of the vampires in the past. He was forced to be a slave in many different ways but the worst was having to give his body over to others for their personal pleasures. Feeling violated and with so much timing passing, the idea of find his eternal mate has diminished. So when he is given a lead to find a cursed box worth a substantial amount of money in the hands of a mortal woman, Charlotte, the last thing he expects to find is someone that could possibly be his mate.

Again! Here is another wonderfully constructed paranormal romance by Angela Colsin! Angela has a way of constructing a richly detailed world with paranormal beings. Werewolves, Lupines, Fae, Ghouls, Vampires, Demons, Witches and more! The details are rich yet straight forward making for an easy and very enjoyable read. The speed reader in me wants to fly through all of the pages but the details force me to slow down and savor each and every sentence! After creating this exciting paranormal world, she adds in the hot chemistry/romance of these being find their “mates”. It’s really captivating and exciting to see how each couple meets, what they go through to be together, and how the paranormal abilities affect and/or change them. So good!

Charlotte and Ulric make such an interesting and great couple! Both of them are complex characters with complex back stories that are essential to the progression of this novel. Having their back stories really helped me to understand them as individuals, where they have come from and where they are going. Charlotte is sweet and innocent. Ulric rough and full of worldly experience. Put these two together and I was so captivated by their banter and interactions! Hot chemistry too!

I am so excited to read the next book in the Crucible Series! If you haven’t read Blue Moon (Book 1) yet – do it! It is my FAVORITE! Blue Moon has Lupines (similar to werewolves)!!! (See my review here –

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  1. Reblogged this on Angela Colsin and commented:
    I hate how it seems like I never know what to say whenever I get a review on any of my books, and it seems like that hasn’t changed this time around either! Thanks so much, and I’m so glad you enjoyed Light of Dawn! (It’s kind of funny too, whenever I see reviews on Light of Dawn now, I always think “the good thing about reading book 2 now is that The Final Calling is out so no huge cliffhangers!” LoL!)

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    1. Hahaha. I totally understand not knowing what to say! 😊 I have really enjoyed all your books so far. It’s refreshing to read these paranormal romances that are captivating from beginning to end! (Heads up…I just finished Strange Brew as well. I will post that in a day or so!) Thanks again for sharing your work with me. I love the world and characters you have created!

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      1. Oh boy, Aislinn and Troy lol! I had so much fun with them (and bringing Cade and Ashley back 😛 )! Which reminds me, did I send you The Final Calling? If not, let me know if you’d like to read it! 😀

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      2. I do not have The Final Calling yet and I would LOVE to read and review! I was so happy to read more of Cade and Ashley! I hope there is even more of them or the at least the pack in the future!?!?!? 😁

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  2. Okay, I just sent the code and link for it 🙂 As for Cade and Ashley/their pack, I’ve always had plans to revisit them! I won’t say when yet, but I will say *soon* lol! 😀

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    1. I got the email! Thank you! That’s awesome…I can’t wait! 😊

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      1. You’re welcome! And thank you, too! LoL 😀

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    1. Thanks for sharing! 😊


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