Friday Favorite! Blue Moon by Angela Colsin (Book Review)

Happy Friday everyone!

Did you see my review for Blue Moon by Angela Colsin!? It’s one of my favorites! Check it out!


Copy provided for an honest review.

5 of 5 – New Favorite!

Adult Romance/Paranormal Romance

Cade is the new Alpha of a local area pack after his father’s tragic passing. He must take on the family business, support his family, keep his pack members in line and now deal with a newly turned female whom was turned against her will to be a part of an underground “wolf fighting” ring. Cade has many responsibilities and now with Ashley in the picture; he must keep his pack safe while teaching her how to deal with her new abilities. He doesn’t have time or the drive to find a mate but fate may have found her for him…Ashley.

Ashley had to get away and leave home. After securing a new job, she packs up her car to start a new life elsewhere but she doesn’t expect everything to fall apart. After nearly missing some stray “dogs” in the road, she crashes her car only to get bitten, turned into a lupine (werewolf) and kidnapped. After enduring torture by her captures she escapes and luckily runs into one of Cade’s pack members who brings her to safety – to Cade.

I LOVED this paranormal/werewolf romance novel! Some paranormal romance stories spend a lot of the time going over all the paranormal aspects and rules for the paranormal world which makes it difficult to be immersed into the story line. These paranormal aspects can also seem completely unbelievable…ruining the whole story. NOT THIS BOOK! It starts off building up Cade and Ashley’s personal stories and slowly adds in more and more paranormal aspects.

I was hooked! Seriously, I read this in ONE day (I would have totally read it in a few hours if I didn’t force myself away to get some household chores done). While reading this book I checked my progress once to find that I had flown through half of it without even knowing it. I kept checking and wishing I would slow down! I wanted to savor it but it was too good!

There are so many good things about this book! The well-developed characters and paranormal aspect, fast paced plot and HOT HOT HOT romance/chemistry are some. The main characters, Cade and Ashley, are believably “normal” people with unusual circumstances. Ashley is sweet and innocent and Cade is a smart and strong. Both of them are dealing with major life changing events. Not only are Cade and Ashley well-developed but the secondary characters, which there are many, are too. Many of the pack members and some of the Blue Moon employees are essential to the story (Some of their stories are featured in other books by Angela) and they are so interesting! The paranormal aspect of the “werewolves” was perfect – not too much at all. I really enjoyed Ashley’s learning about her new abilities and learning to control them. I also enjoyed seeing Cade help her – oh the feels!

Overall I really enjoyed this book. It has the perfect amount of paranormal aspects mixed with hot romance! I can’t wait to read more of Angela’s books. (Keep on the lookout; more reviews of her other books are coming soon!)

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  1. That sounds great! I love a good werewolf romance…something about those HOT alphas that just makes for a great read.

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    1. I soooooooo agree! They make for a really great read!!! 😊

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