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Book Haul! Ebook vs Hardcopy!?

So I had a giftcard to a near by bookstore for the past few months and decided today would be a good day to buy some books!

There is something so magical, relaxing and inspiring when walking through a bookstore. Besides wanting to buy ALL the books, I like to browse each shelf…each book! (I limit myself to certain sections because I could seriously just move in and live in a bookstore…I take forever!)

I stayed in the romance section today and picked up two books I have heard SO MUCH about. All great things of course!

Confess by Colleen Hoover (I LOVE Colleen’s books. Hopeless is one of my favs!)

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire (I totally have the ebook of this and haven’t had time to read it but so many people have been talking about this book I decided to grab a hardcopy.)

I personally have been reading (and reviewing) a lot of ebooks. I have a kindle and the kindle app on my phone. I find it easier to access my books electronically since I take my phone with me everywhere! With that being said, I still really love holding and reading an actual printed book. 

Do any of you have a personal preference? Ebook or hardcopy? And why? I am curious to know what my fellow readers and reviewers think!

Happy reading!

22 thoughts on “Book Haul! Ebook vs Hardcopy!?

  1. I was positive that I would hate the kindle- but I’m a total convert, Nothing beats the smell of a new book and browsing through real life covers. BUT I can take my whole book collection out with me on my kindle and at night it’s much easier to hold when reading in bed and it lights it up for me.
    But any book that I really, really love has to join the ‘real’ bookshelves

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  2. For a long time I was totally against eReader. But working in a bookshop you can’t really avoid that topic so I tried the eReader we were selling and in the end even bought one. And god I love my eReader. Of course I still buy books, I just love having a beautiful shelf but I don’t need every book as a physical copy sothen I get them as eBook.

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    1. That’s what I do too! Sometimes its nice to just buy an ebook for 99 cents or a couple dollars but when it’s an author you love…a physical copy is a must! You worked in a bookshop? How cool!!!


  3. After buying books for decades, I own so many physical books it’s not practical for me to acquire too many more. Consequently, I only buy physical books now if its something very special, I want a cheap copy of something that don’t mind getting wet (during my daily physical therapy muscle soaking), or I stop by a sale of used books and I just can’t help myself. I still borrow plenty of physical books from libraries, but the vast majority of my pleasure reading now is on ebooks.

    I love the excitement of discovering interesting titles while browsing physical books (like the rush of going to a bookstore and seeing all kinds of new releases), but in reality I almost never go to bookstores any more (we basically only have one Barnes and Noble and one used bookstore in our small metropolitan area of 500,000 people). I have the advantage of working in a “large” library, so I can get the “browsing interesting titles on shelves” rush at any time (although we’re an academic library, so we have very, very little current popular fiction).

    Fortunately for me, I am very comfortable online (I was maintaining Internet servers and collections before the World Wide Web even existed) so browsing ebooks fills most of my needs for exploring, finding, and reading new titles. (Indeed, because I’m interested in some very niche areas, like specific genres of LGBT romance fiction, ebooks are by far the best way to find and read titles that are rarely available in bookstores or libraries).

    However, seeing your pictures brought back memories of long hours spent excitedly looking through new history, science fiction, and fantasy books in many, many bookstores over the years. (One of my favorite places was the original large and friendly Borders store in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which later gave rise to the entire Borders chain.)

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    1. I soooooooo agree! I have so many books that having the space to store them is becoming increasingly difficult. I am in the process of moving too and having a ton of hardcopy books becomes a pain. With an eReader or kindle app, I can carry around a huge library. It’s also very convenient to jump on Amazon (or other stores) and order a new book whenever I want. AND let’s talk about price. I can get free, 99 Cent or a couple dollars ebooks…it’s hard to beat that price! Finding specific genres can be difficult in a bookstore store or library if you haven’t researched them before entering…and some books are no longer printed and can only be found as a ebooks. Authors, new and old, are using self publishing apps/softwares to get their works out there…as ebooks. I can’t even list how many amazing books I have found that are only ebooks and written by little known authors! With all that being said…there will always be something special about going to a bookstore or library…being surrounded by so many books is just amazing.

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  4. I’ve seen a lot of discussions over this topic, and personally, I think they both have their pros and cons. There’s nothing like a hardcover/paperback book, or having a shelf full of your favorite stories in your home, kind of like a trophy lol! But ebooks can save space if you don’t have the room, and you can carry a hundred books on one device. So it doesn’t matter to me. All I want is a book I can sink my teeth into…figuratively of course lol! πŸ™‚

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  5. I will likely go to my grave never trying ebooks. I just can’t envision more time looking at a screen and it would change up how I enjoy books. I like to read in the hot tub and if a paperback gets splashed, that’s the sign it was read.

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  6. Ebooks saved me when I moved from a town in Mexico with the largest English library in Mexico to a very Mexican town with very few opportunities for finding English books. On the other hand, I REALLY still love holding a book in my hand; nothing quite like it. On the positive side for ebooks, besides portability, etc. is the easy of referring back through “search” to see when a character was first introduced or what their relationship is to another character. Also, you can read in bed at night with less disruption to a sleeper.

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    1. I soooooo agree! Holding an actual book is amazing but being able to carry an entire library anywhere you go is so convenient! The search features is great too…I like to highlight passages and use them for reviews once in anwhile. Ebooks make it easy and I don’t have the guilt of writing in an actual book. Thanks for commenting! Happy reading! 😊

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  7. I will always love the feel and smell of a book in my hand. There is something that makes a book more personal when you can feel the texture as you turn a page, the varying weight of each book as they sit in your lap, even their smell. I remember a series of books I would get from the library when I was little. They were old and musty so I could only read in short bursts without getting a headache, but it made reading those books special in an odd way.

    While reading by way of holding a book in my hand is preferred, there is much to be said in the area of ebooks. The most important aspect would be convenience. I can have many ebooks available to read when going on a trip, whereas, with physical books the number taken must be decreased. I myself have published three books as ebooks; however, I do intend to make my next book also available as a print-on-demand.

    Books, it does not matter which form they come in, they are great to have!

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    1. I agree! Your story is a great example of how great hardcopy books are. They help create a wonderful atmosphere. I would never give them up. I will always love holding them too…like you said, ebooks make it so convenient to take multiple books places. I also really enjoy that my kindle can tell me how much time is left in a chapter and the percentage left as well. Thanks for sharing! 😊What are the titles of the books you have written?

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  8. Atmosphere is a big part of reading : ) My book titles include: Learning to Listen Learning to Care: 7 Keys to Unlocking Communication of Value, Succeeding in College: The Importance of Managing Stress, and my newest book (which I just published on Friday) is, Living in Confidence Facing your Fears. They can be found on Amazon by typing in my name (Melanie Fellman). Thank you for asking about them. Have a wonderful day!

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