Friday Favorite! Hawke by R.J. Lewis (Book Review)

Happy Friday everyone!

Did you see my review for Hawke by R.J. Lewis!? It’s one of my favorites! Check it out!

5 of 5 – New all-time favorite!

I was SO excited that R. J. Lewis announced Hawke after finishing the Borden series. I highly suggest reading the Borden books first (but not completely necessary – just helpful). Borden and Borden 2 are some of my all-time favorite books. I have posted a review for Borden on my book blog on WordPress ( check it out!

On to Hawke. OH. MY. GOD!

Hawke is Borden’s secondhand man and enforcer. He is the current president (although inactive later in the story) of his motorcycle club. After being convicted of several accounts murder, he is sent to prison. He leaves behind Tyler, the beautiful yet fierce girl whom he promised to keep safe after her father’s death. Unable to watch over her, like he has for years, he passes on the responsibility to his brother, Hector. Gone for years, he breaks free from prison with the help of Borden and returns home to find Tyler, no longer a young girl but a hot as hell woman.

Tyler is known as the “club brat”. She grew up in the club. The club is her family especially after her father’s unexpected passing. She doesn’t fit the stereotypical woman groupie but the club is her home and she will not let anyone take that from her. Since she was young, she always had a thing for Hawke but when he leaves, she is forced to “move on”. She never truly lets go of him. When he returns on various occasion, she is drawn to him…if only he would stay and take back the club.

Hawke and Tyler are such wonderfully complex characters. (I think the Borden books help – they give great back stories! Read them!) Both of these characters come to life in this story. I could easily relate and understand their perspectives. Oh and the chemistry –DANG! Talk about hot hot hot chemistry and romance. The best way to describe the chemistry is intoxicating and captivating. I was so wrapped up in their chemistry and the plot that I devoured this book. I did glance down every so often to see my progress and would freak out because this book was flying by! I didn’t want it to end!

If you are looking for a hot romance with the “bad boy” motorcycle club president and a sexy down to earth girl – this is for you! Now I must go mourn this book…after I re-read it again! Order on Amazon now!

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