Wanting It All (Naked Men #2) by Christi Barth (Book Review)

4 of 5

Adult Romance – can be read as a standalone.

ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley.

Alaskan native, Madison, has come to DC to find her half-brother, whom she just learned about, but also finds the sexy and successful businessman, Knox. While in the new city she is ready to pursue a relationship that could lead to marriage. Although Knox doesn’t seem to be the type to settle down, she thinks he could be. Madison is a smart and driven woman who loves books and is a hopeless romantic. She knows what she wants and she fights for love!

Knox grew up having nothing and being labeled as the “geek” which ultimately pushed him to work hard to make money, improve his physical appearance and strive to become a “ladies man”. He doesn’t do love. He likes having his options open and constantly moves through women and his business transactions. He thinks first but doesn’t feel. Madison intrigues him and just might be what he needs to open his eyes and realize there is much more to his life!

This was a cute book! I really enjoyed how Madison and Knox seemed very different from each other yet they have a lot more in common then they even know! Madison is a smart, kind of geeky, woman who loves to read, loves romances and enjoys people/relationships. Knox is a smart man and player who does not take the time to enjoy relationships. He enjoys the instant gratification of a woman or business transaction and moves on. His past has really shaped him into the man he is. He had been labeled “geeky” therefore deemed “undesirable” and has done everything possible to shed this image so he became a player.

Essentially, in my eyes, Madison is the similar “geeky” and smart individual that Knox once was BUT she is so much more comfortable in her skin. Knox was clearly uncomfortable with whom he was and made an effort to change but deep down he is still the same person and just needs a little help to see who he really is and what he has become. Madison could be the woman to open his eyes. (Read to find out!)

This story is fun and light hearted! Although it took a while to get into the beginning it eventually flew by! If you are looking for a sweet romance, this is for you! Amazon.

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