Body Shot by Kelly Jamieson (Book Review)

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ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley.

Adult Romance

Hayden doesn’t know how to have fun…her days are filled with work. She is smart and driven and sees the importance in dedicating all her time towards her work. She has always calculated her next step based on facts and goals, not emotions. When her best friend convinces her to have a night on the town, she doesn’t expect to run into a sexy bartender who knows how to push all of her buttons and forces her to have fun. He knows exactly what to say or do to make her come out of her shell.

Beck is a former navy seal and player. He has no issues having fun. When he finds a sexy and smart woman at his bar, he is instantly attracted to her. After a few drinks and a lot of flirting and hot chemistry, he finds himself in the back of the bar tangled up with this beautiful woman…literally.

Two opposites with very different goals may clash but their chemistry is on fire! Can Hayden see past her work and can Beck see past his player lifestyle?

I really enjoyed this book. It was cute, realistic and wait for it…fun! I like the smart, work driven woman and the sexy, player man coming together with HOT chemistry. It makes for an exciting dynamic and a million possibilities.

Both Hayden and Beck are well rounded characters whom have complex back stories that have created the individuals they are in the present. Hayden’s life is full of heartbreak and pain therefore she strives to make a difference, putting all of her time into work. Beck has also been through some struggles that have pushed him away from family and serious matters, forcing him to embrace the “fun” lifestyle. They seem to need each other to balance their extreme views/lifestyles but it’s never easy to just change for someone. I only wish that the climax would have been a bit more dramatic or for something else to have happened…I didn’t like how that all played out (yes, you have to read it to understand). It was hard for me to connect with Hayden during this time; I couldn’t relate and honestly wanted to have a one on one with her. (Say -“What are you thinking girl!?!”) Maybe talk some sense into her. Beck on the other hand sold the story to me. I really liked his personality and where he came from and how he grows throughout the story.

Overall this was a super cute and fun read! I would highly recommend it!! I have really enjoyed some of Kelly’s other reads and will continue to check out her new works!

Find Body Shot here on Amazon. Releases – 8/23/16.

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