Hard to Hold by Katie Rose (Book Review) 


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Adult Romance/Soccer Romance

ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley.

Logan is a professional soccer player and he is another type of player. He goes through women…a lot of women. When one of them shows up during a lunch outing with a baby claiming the child is his daughter and then leaves her with him. He is shocked, angered and confused. Trying to handle the situation to his best ability he hires a nanny. He doesn’t expect this nanny, Isabella, to be drop dead gorgeous. Seeing her with his daughter sends him over the edge. Can he keep his hands to himself?

Isabelle is a nanny. When she is sent to a cocky and sexy soccer player’s house to care for a child he never knew about, she gets more than she signed up for.  Seeing him learn to care for his new daughter and the love he has for her, sends her over the edge. Can she stay away from him? Isabella knows she has to stay away because she has a secret that would tear them apart. She can’t be left heartbroken…again.

This was a cute, sweet and fun read! The unknown baby aspect was fresh to me (yet a little odd). It was interesting to see how this situation plays out with the two main characters. And hello! Hot soccer star caring for a little baby…hot hot hot! Ladies!? I can’t be the only one!

Anyway, the two main characters, Logan and Isabella, have great chemistry. Both of them are attracted to each other but know that they should stay away. He is the boss and she is his child’s nanny. This makes for some funny and awkward situations that really promote steamy chemistry. I really liked Logan’s character the best. He is a well-developed character and I felt that he grew the most from the beginning to the end. He had to learn to care for his baby. Isabella is also well developed. She is sweet, smart and a bit sassy. She knows how to put Logan into his place. The only thing is I wished there would have been a little more of her inner thoughts to justify some of her feelings and actions. If I could have seen where she was coming from I would have liked her even more.

Overall this is a fun and sweet read! Preorder on Amazon (releases September 13)


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