Wrong For Me by Jackie Ashenden (Book Review)


4 of 5
Adult Romance (Dark & Gritty)
ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley.
It’s been 8 years. 8 f*cking long years in prison. Now that Levi has served his time for manslaughter, he plans on returning to his hometown to confront the woman he killed for. The woman that was his best friend. The woman who he trusted. The woman who didn’t stand up for him. The woman who let him go to jail and never looked back. He won’t let her get away with what she did to him. He has a plan for her and that plans consists of making up for the last 8 years…
Rachel has secrets that even her best friend, Levi, has no clue about. She f*cked up and by doing so she sent him to prison. Now he’s back and he won’t let her walk away.
Time for me to be vague because I won’t spoil the book – hang in there with me.
I did like this book. At first, I didn’t. I didn’t like how Levi walked back into Rachel’s life and made the demands that he did. I don’t enjoy characters being forced to do something that they don’t want to do…it just doesn’t feel right. BUT this book is different and I was pleasantly surprised. I was okay with the whole situation and found it intriguing. Levi is justified in his actions and so is Rachel and I liked seeing it all play out. This book was captivating! Both of these individuals are broken and need some (maybe each other) to make things right.
The characters, Levi and Rachel, are well developed. They needed to be in this story. This book delivers the backstories that help feed the emotions and actions of both of these characters. As a reader I was able to connect and understand where they were coming from and THAT is important. And the chemistry…OMG. HOT! There are many steamy and sexy scenes in this book!
Overall this book is a dark, gritty and sexy read that will take you for a ride!
Releases tomorrow – preorder on Amazon!

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