Max by Sawyer Bennett (Book Review)


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Adult Romance/Hockey Romance

ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley.

Max is handsome, rich and the successful goalie for the Cold Fury hockey team. He is everything a girl could want and he has his sight set on me. I’m nothing compared to the women he could have. I have two jobs just to make ends meet for the three little children I am now a legal guardian of after my sister’s passing. When Max walks into the gas station convenience store that I work at part time, I am floored he even notices me. I sure as hell notice him.

AH! What a great story!

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. I loved the captivating “Cinderella” plot, complex characters and the dynamic/banter between Jules and Max. They kept the chemistry sizzling hot and so funny!

Jules was an easy character to relate to and all around very likeable. She is smart, driven and an extremely compassionate woman who has very little money but lots of love to give. Max is also a very enjoyable and down to earth character. He is a smart and caring man who has a lot of money and no one to love. Match made in heaven. This is where the “Cinderella” storyline comes in. Max is the rich and handsome prince and Jules is the princess hidden under rags. My favorite part? Jules doesn’t want or take handouts. She has learned to earn everything in her life and I really admire that. Both of them come from very different lifestyles and it causes issues. I enjoyed seeing them work through this.

Max is tired of the bachelor lifestyle and is looking for more than just a “puck bunny”/one night stand. When he meets an exhausted yet cute woman working behind the counter of a gas station convenience store being harassed by some low life men buying beer, he can’t but help to step in. (LOVED this scene!) Jules’ drive and compassion intrigues him and intrigues me too. That is why I couldn’t put this book down!

Seriously though…if you are looking for a romance that will pull on your heart and take you for a ride – check this book out. I won’t give this book away but there are twists and turns that keep! I absolutely loved it and could not put it down!

Releases tomorrow, December 13 – preorder on Amazon.


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