The Devil Is In The Details by B. O’Brien (Book Review)

4 of 5


Copy provided for an honest review.

Book Blurb: “Daniela had an unconventional upbringing. As she grew up in New York City, she would often shadow her father during his work as a consigliere and mediator between different factions of the New York City Mafia. She quickly learned how to talk to volatile people and recognize danger.

When Daniela’s father is arrested while she is away at school, and an associate is soon found murdered, he makes her promise that she won’t get caught up in the lifestyle. He wants Daniela as far away from the crime and vice of New York City as possible.

Daniela keeps the promise for ten years. She marries a stable man and has two beautiful children. She resigns herself to a life in the suburbs as a stay-at-home mom, but she can’t help but miss the excitement of her former life.

When Daniela’s best friend’s husband begins acting suspiciously, Daniela recognizes danger once again. Daniela is intent on exposing the truth behind the man. She hopes it will give her leverage against the district attorney supervising her father’s imprisonment. Her investigation will take her back to the world her father desperately wanted to protect her from.”

Interesting, intriguing and captivating!

After reading the blurb before diving in, I knew this was going to be a different type of book than I am used to. I have been mainly reading romances and I wouldn’t call this book a “romance” BUT there is some HOT and INTENSE chemistry/moments. Overall the writing, plot and characters forced me, as a speed reader, to slow down and really immerse myself into this book/story. What really sold me was the well developed main character, Daniela.

Daniela is a strong and independent woman who is well aware of her “gift”. Her gift is that of persuasion and being about to make others trust in her, therefore talk to her, sometimes telling their deepest and darkest secrets. Just like her father, she is able to “manipulate” and read people in a way through her conversations and interactions. This was what sucked me into the story! Reading her inner thoughts along side her conversations with other characters was so thrilling and intriguing! It also made the story setting dark and a bit ominous. Keeping me on the edge of my seat.

Daniela is from a family associated with the mafia. Her father used the same gift of persuasion to help in mafia business. I really would have loved to have more mafia dealings and characters in this book. It would have been interesting to see Daniela reacting to that and maybe learning even more about her father in the process. This story does a lot of explaining on her father and the mafia business. I think it could have been even more exciting!

I really want to call this a dark and complex thriller. Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book and I loved the feelings it gave me. Although different from my usual reads, I was very glad to have read it!

Check it out! Available on Amazon here. Currently FREE for Kindle Unlimited!

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