Adult Romance

Under Her Skin (Blank Canvas Book 1) by Adriana Anders (Book Review)


4.5 of 5

Adult Romance (Warning – contains abuse).

ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley.

Uma is on the run. She leaves behind a toxic and abusive relationship, knowing she deserves more…she wants more. She can only run so far and for so long because he has the means to find her. Although she runs, she can’t seem to get away and is trapped by the scars on her body. When she find a new place, a place that can help the memories and abuse fade away, she doesn’t expect a rough and tough ex con to understand or save her.

This story is about Uma. Yes it’s a romance but it’s so much more. It’s about her struggles, her growth and her acceptance of who she is. I LOVED that! At times it was tough to read and difficult to understand but Adriana writes a story of hope and love that resonates deep.

This read was “slow” but steady and so captivating. To really understand Uma and what she was thinking, I had to read each word with care and had to fully take in every sentence. It helped me to relate and feel for Uma. I made a strong connection with her and that was everything. I became fully invested in her and wanted her to succeed because she was so well developed…and real.

I did like Ivan and his character. I would have loved to have “seen” more of his backstory in this book BUT I totally understand. Uma, this book was about her.

This book is so well done! It’s a deep and emotional read that will stick with you days after reading.

Releases Feb 7. Preorder on Amazon now! (Looks like Adriana Anders has more books coming this year – By Her Touch (Blank Canvas Book 2) releases April 1 and In His Hands (Blank Canvas) releases August 1.

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