Surrendering by Michelle Horst (Book Review)

4.5 of 5

Adult Romance/”Cult” Romance

ARC provided for an honest review.

Mila had to leave. The opportunity of freedom was burning bright and then quickly fading away. She couldn’t say no. She was going to risk everything to leave behind a cult that used and abused women. The worst and most difficult part? She left behind her family…her sister. Vowing to save Claire someday, she first must learn to live. Life isn’t easy, especially when it’s filled with the constant reminder of the past but he fixes everything. He understands. Liam.

Liam lost everything too. He lost his sister because of the cult their mother forced them into. He will never forgive or forget. When Mila walks into Liam’s life, he doesn’t know about her past, all he knows is that she makes him feel.

Two young and broken individuals must learn to live and love.

I absolutely LOVE Michelle Horst and all her books! She always writes interesting and captivating stories in which her complex characters have to grow and overcome many emotional and physical challenges. Each character is uniquely different and has their own detailed backstory. By doing this, Michelle creates REAL and relatable characters. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Michelle’s books, they are always amazing, this one is too.

This is a beautiful and thrilling story of young love and growth. Mila and Liam have a great connection and hot chemistry from the very beginning that will make you grin and laugh out loud. Mila is young, beautiful, inexperienced and insecure. She is attracted to Liam but hides her feelings. Liam is handsome, driven and more experienced in relationships than Mila but he too hides his feelings. As they grow, they realize who they are, start to accept where they are from and learn what they want and need…each other. Beautiful.

Besides the great chemistry this book has some major twists that will take you for a ride. Check it out! Releases Feb 2nd. Goodreads link HERE.


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