Fated Fortunes by Angela Colsin (Book Review)



Paranormal/Fantasy Adult Romance

ARC provided for an honest review.

Goodreads Blurb:

“Dalris Dra’Kai has served as the Terran head of his Draconian House for many long years, assigning jobs, collecting payments, and conducting family affairs. It’s a responsibility he takes seriously, though lately he’s longed for something more fulfilling than organizing business matters—and a good start would be finding his eternal mate.

But eight lonely centuries hasn’t offered much hope, and it isn’t until an unexpected encounter with a mysterious figure from his recent past that Dalris learns his mate isn’t what she seems. Furthermore? She’s on a treasure hunt of her own, but the prize she seeks isn’t riches or esteem … .

Jada Tavar has dedicated her life to finishing her grandfather’s work, and the elven antiquarian wasn’t searching for just any mundane treasure. Instead, he sought the true fate of the lost House of Rinora, a dangerous quest that inevitably cost his life. So the last thing Jada needs is a centuries-old draconian recognizing her as his mate, specifically when elves are forbidden from mating with their kind.

But Dalris is seductively persistent, and she finds the draconian more than just a little intriguing. His wicked promises and passionate kisses are impossible to ignore, and the closer they get, the more Jada wants him in her life. Yet the conclusion of her quest may reveal a truth that would condemn their fated connection for all time.”

My Review:

What an adventure!

Angela Colsin has done it AGAIN. I know I rave about her magical worlds every single time I read one of her books, but SERIOUSLY, SO GOOD! She creates detailed magical worlds with complex characters that suck you into the story. Fated Fortunes is no exception. It is a well-crafted book that gives the reader an escape from the reality!

*This review is going to be short and spoiler free.*

Let’s talk about magical aspects/details and characters.

I find paranormal and fantasy books are, sometimes, the hardest books to get hooked into and to relate to. Why? Because of the crazy magical aspects and out of this world characters. Don’t let that turn you away because when they are done right, these books can be so REAL and easily relatable, making a very enjoyable story. Angela Colsin has mastered paranormal/magical romances. Although, out of this world, Fated Fortunes is fun and thrilling adventure.

The main characters, Dalris and Jada are full of personality! Dalris is the tough and rough draconian and Jada is the determined and independent elf. In their world, they shouldn’t be together. Draconians and elves do not mesh and it is said that they cannot produce normal and healthy children if mated. Although they are not supposed to be mated by their standards, fate can’t be stopped. Together they have a lot of great banter and hot chemistry! I really enjoyed reading their scenes together.

Overall, this isn’t your typical fast romance read. It’s so much more! This book has a great magical world, developed characters and a thrilling adventure. Great read to escape to!

AVAILABLE NOW! Check it out on Angela’s website or on Amazon!

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  1. Reblogged this on Angela Colsin and commented:
    Thanks so much, Kelly! I’m so happy you enjoyed Jada and Dalris’ tale! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Fated Fortunes sounds good, it has been a while since I’ve read PR.

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    1. Angela Colsin has a bunch of great PR books!


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