June 2017 Bookworm Box Reveal!

Bookworm Box Reveal! (June 2017) – Make sure to follow me on Instagram – I normally do an unboxing on my Insta story the day I receive my box! (@kelly_book_blog)

What’s inside my Bookworm Box!? (AGAIN – My poor box took a beating in the mail! No worries though, everything inside is okay!)

Here is Fiona – of course – in my picture! 


Here is the reveal! 


*Promotional bookmarks
*Bookworm reading light, pen, luggage tag and WINE OPENER (How cool!) – LOVE LOVE LOVE

*And two signed books:
In The Heir by Ruth Cardello (Free on Kindle Unlimited!)
44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton (Also free on Kindle Unlimited!)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting the Bookworm Box each month. It is always full of fun book surprises and SIGNED books!

Recently The Bookworm Box announced that they will only offer a box with 1 SIGNED book, GREAT swag and FREE shipping for a low price of $32.99. Announcement for signing up is coming soon…

What more info!?

The Bookworm Box is a monthly subscription where a box full of book related goodies and a signed book is delivered to your door. They ship at the end of each month. All profits go to charity!

IS WHAT WE DO BEST.” (TheBookwormBox.com)

Check out the Bookworm Box website for more information! Monthly subscriptions are limited. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to be notified when spots become available. Also check out their swag store! (That’s where I ordered some past boxes because they had extras!)


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  1. What a cute box! I’ve never heard about this one!

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