Blocked by L.P. Dover (Book Review) – 4 STARS

4 Stars
Hockey Romance
Copy provided for an honest review.
My favorite sport romance books are hockey romances. I will be honest, I do NOT know much about hockey but DAMN! Strong alpha males who can also be sweet!? Yes, please.
I also really enjoy books, like this one, where the author creates multiple stories based on a group of friends/acquaintances. You get to know these characters as if they were personal friends. Seeing all of them grow and fall in love is so SWEET and make for great stories! With this being said, I haven’t read all of the related hockey books by L.P. Dover but the ones I have, I really enjoyed!
The main characters make this book a great read! There is a strong alpha male, Dallas, and sweet yet determined female, Callie. Dallas is a ladies man and he gets what he wants. When he sets his sight on Callie, he wants her. Callie is a strong and independent woman who doesn’t give in easily to the charming ways of goaltender, Dallas. YES! I love when characters have to prove themselves to each other. It makes for a great story because you get to see the “chase”. Both Dallas and Callie are well-rounded characters that really drive this story and they bring the heat!
Looking for a quick fun and SEXY romance!? Check out this book!
Releases Tuesday, October 31st! Preorder on Amazon.

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