The Sounds of Secrets by Whitney Barbetti (Book Review) 5 STARS


Adult Romance/Contemporary Romance

5 Stars

Bravo to Whitney…again! She has written yet another deep and honest book that will give you so many emotions. This is gold. Any book that can make you relate and feel what the characters feel is simply amazing. I have yet to read a book by Whitney Barbetti that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed.

With that being said, this book was difficult to read at times because it covers some dark and personal issues through the main characters. I will not spoil it but just be warned that there are dark moments. These moments make this book. Feeling the lows and the highs these characters go through creates an emotional roller coaster ride. It’s so captivating, exciting and REAL. I was rooting for both of the main characters, Sam and Lotte. Just like anyone else, they have demons to overcome – you get to see this in this book.

Looking for a book that is REALISTIC and captivating? A book that tells a story of growth and acceptance? This one is for you.

Buy on Amazon HERE.

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