Needing Him by Kennedy Fox (Book Review)



Copy provided for an honest review.

Adult Romance/Doctor Romance

Goodreads Blurb HERE

Sexy doctor, Evan Bishop, meets a strong, gorgeous and independent woman, Stella, at his brother’s wedding and embarks on a one night stand that blows his mind. Their chemistry is on FIRE. When he wakes up from the f-ing amazing night, the woman is gone and so are his clothes. Pissed and embarssed after the one night, he resumes his normal week working at the hospital unknowing that Emily aka “Stella” would be the new resident doctor recently hired.

Let me make this review short and to the point. I ALWAYS enjoy a Kennedy Fox book! This book is no exception. It is full of romance, action and adventure. I was sitting on the edge of my seat, grinning from ear to ear, laughing out loud and smiling like a fool throughout this book…THAT makes it a fun and great read!

This book is one of four Bishop Brother books. All can be read as standalones or follow in order…your choice! Taming Him is the first of the four, my review is HERE. I LOVED it, think sexy cowboy. YEHAW. The last two will be out by the end of this year!

Needing Him is available NOW on AMAZON HERE!

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