Blood Heart by Lexi C. Foss (Book Review) 4.5 STARS

Paranormal Romance/Adult Romance
Copy provided for an honest review.
4.5 Stars

Goodreads Blurb:
“Asset File 4-7: Elizabeth Watkins
Genotype: Non-Human
That’s the only information Jayson Masters has about his newest assignment. To learn more, he’ll need to infiltrate her life in the most intimate of ways without getting too close.
Game on.
Lizzie’s new neighbor is loud, seductive, and ridiculously attractive. And he keeps flirting with her. With the recent death of a close friend hanging over her head, Lizzie tentatively agrees to a new friendship in hopes of ignoring her broken heart.
A web of lies isn’t sustainable forever.
And sometimes love isn’t enough.
An immortal war is brewing, and she’s the key…”

This book can be read as a standalone BUT it helps to have read Blood Laws and Forbidden Bonds (Immortal Curse series) first because previous characters are in this book. I like reading about them and getting “updates” on their lives.
I think I say this in every Lexi Foss book review… She has created yet ANOTHER great paranormal romance that is full of magical details, well developed characters and HOT chemistry!

I, of course, really enjoyed this book!

Here comes my paranormal romance spiel. If you read my reviews, you already know this. Feel free to skip to the next paragraph. If you haven’t, hear me out… Sometimes paranormal books can be so “out of this world” that it is hard to connect with the story but when an author is able to mix both the magical and normal worlds in a way that they seamlessly fit together…BAM…a great story is being told. A great story is captivating and makes me feel ALL the emotions! This book is one of these books. Lexi provides the reader with a short glossary in the front of this book. I highly suggest reading it and you may find yourself referencing it.

Let’s talk about this book. I was HOOKED from the very beginning. Seriously, the first page of chapter one had me hooked.

Once I was hooked, Lexi Foss tells a story that builds up with suspense and sexy as hell moments with the main characters, Lizzie and Jayson. I loved Lizzie’s character. She is very relatable. She is the average, hard working woman with a little bit of spunk hiding within…my fav! I instantly connected with her. I really enjoyed getting to know her character and seeing her grow in to the woman she becomes. Then there is Jayson…*swoon*. Hello brooding, smart and sexy man who knows what he wants when he sees her…I mean…sees it! Their chemistry is smoking! Kudos to Lexi for creating this strong chemistry/bond that grew throughout the entire book. I love a book that doesn’t give me the instant love connection.The characters have to work for it!

With these well developed characters, there is a well developed story that will keep you interested and intrigued. Now I wont give the plot away but know that there are twists and turns that kept me engaged to the very end. Bravo Lexi. I loved this book!

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