A Pizza My Heart by Teagan Hunter (Book Review) 5 STARS


5 Stars

Adult Romance/Friends to Lovers

Copy provided for an honest review.

Goodreads Blurb

Yes, yes, yes…..YAAAASSS!
Teagan Hunter has done it AGAIN! I am NEVER disappointed when reading a book by Teagan. Each of her books have so many things that I LOVE and need to be a 5 star read. This book is no exception!
A Pizza My Heart is a friends to lovers romance that is a slow burn (yes, please) with interesting characters, a lot of HOT chemistry, and delightfully witty/sarcastic banter. I am a sucker for great banter in a romance book. In fact, I expect it. All great reads need to be able to move a captivating story through conversations (or texts), not just through the plot! Teagan is a master at this. When reading romance books, I want to laugh out loud, grin ear to ear, blush and say “buuuurrrrrn” when reading banter. You get that in this book between the two main characters, Wren and Foster.
Wren is a hardworking, sarcastic and down to earth girl. Foster is a handsome, hardworking and respectful man. He is also the best friend of Wren’s brother and has been since they were kids. Both Wren and Foster are not where they want or expect to be in their lives. Wren is working hard to make her dream’s come true, even if that means working two jobs including being a waitress at the family pizza restaurant. Being a waitress is not really her thing especially with her spunky and sarcastic personality which makes this book even funnier! Meanwhile Foster is picking himself up after a failed marriage by moving back into town, knowing that he would face Wren again. The thing is…Foster likes Wren. He has always “liked” her but Wren has made it crystal clear. They are only friends. Maybe.

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2 responses to “A Pizza My Heart by Teagan Hunter (Book Review) 5 STARS”

  1. mywritingjourneylife Avatar

    Me also gave it 5 stars it was so amazing hehe (: just like her text series (:

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