Bayward Street by Addison Jane (Cover Reveal)

Bayward Street by Addison Jane will be re-releasing on September 16!

“Five stars is not enough for this book… it was such a great read.” – Goodreads reviewer

“Endearing characters and excellent storytelling” – Goodreads reviewer

Cover Design: Jay Aheer

Photographer: Reggie Deanching

Model: Sabrina Twyman

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The law called me a runaway.

A criminal.

But after a lifetime in hell, being abused and tortured by my father, I found my real family on the streets.

A group of kids like me who society failed to protect.

Together we survived day by day.

And for me, that was enough.

Until Heath showed up.

Every wall I put up—he tore down.

Every single touch had me searching for another.

I knew our worlds were never meant to mix.

He came from money.

I came from nothing.

But all he saw was me.

Suddenly, just surviving wasn’t enough.

He made me want more.

And they underestimated just how hard I was willing to fight for it.

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  1. Love this cover! It sounds so good too 😍

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