I Knead You Tonight by Teagan Hunter (Book Review) 5 STARS!

Adult Romance / Enemies to Lovers

Copy provided for an honest review.

5+ Stars!

WOW! Where do I even begin with this amazing read!? I am not sure I can adequately describe how much I LOVED this book but I will try!

This book was everything I wanted in a five star romance read. It’s emotional, captivating, has complex and realistic characters. It is magnificently written with Teagan’s signature dialogue/banter that will make you laugh out loud. And the chemistry….the chemistry was on FIRE in this book.

I love the enemies to lovers genre. Something about two people, who clearly have amazing chemistry, not understanding and loathing each other is so freaking intriguing. Drew is a single mother, doing all that she can to provide for her infant son. She is strong, sweet yet sassy. I really enjoyed seeing her as a mother and watching her grow throughout the story. Her best friend’s brother, Winston, is and always has been her enemy. He knows exactly what to say to piss her off. Winston is what I would call a grade A “a-hole”. He comes off as arrogant, annoying and someone who just doesn’t care. But there is always more to someone than what others perceive. Winston’s life isn’t easy and he hides a lot from others. I really enjoyed getting to know him.

Together Drew and Winston are fire. Fire against fire. They set each other on edge and both feed off each other in a way that can be disastrous yet so sexy.

If you are looking for a REAL story with REALISTIC charcters that will take your emotions for a ride, this book is for you.

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