The Changeup by A.M. Williams (Book Review)

The Changeup by A.M. Williams 

3.5 Stars!

Sports (Baseball) Romance/Adult Romance 

The Changeup is the first in this series (Boys of Summer #1) and is a quick sports romance read!

Chase is the head coach of a baseball team/league and Emma is a hospitality worker at the team’s stadium. When these two meet there are sparks!

Both characters are relatable and interesting. Chase is a strong, quiet and an attractive man. He has a detailed backstory that allowed me to connect and understand where he was coming from especially when he was being a jerk at times. He is going through a lot in his personal and professional life. Although I did connect with him,  I would have loved to have more context on what happened in his past relationship since the woman is brought up a lot. I think I would have liked this story even more with that perspective. 

Emma is the sweet girl-next-door yet she doesn’t take kindly to Chase’s crap – I LOVE that! I wish there would have been a little more development of her character because I really liked her strength and personality. I also found her very relatable and I LOVED her interaction with her best friend, Callie. Callie won the show for me with her funny and honest comments/remarks. 

Together, Chase and Emma make a cute couple but their lack of communication with each other makes their relationship difficult. There are other obstacles that are thrown in their way…read the book to find out more!

I did enjoy this sweet, quick read. I have always enjoyed sports romance reads and love it when a couple must overcome obstacles to be together. It’s fun to watch them learn and grow! If you are looking for a fun and quick summer read…this book is for you! 

The next book in this series sounds interesting! It’s Callie’s book! Wooo!

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