Tempt Thy Neighbor by Teagan Hunter (Book Review) 4.5 Stars!

4.5 Stars

Adult Romance/Enemies to Lovers

Holland and Sutton…yes, yes, yes! 

These two main characters made this book SO GOOD. They have a detailed past and issues that make them enemies yet you can still feel they are still attracted to each other just by their actions and words. And the tension! The tension between these two grew for more than half of this story and I LOVE THAT. Give me tension, angst and all the emotions. That’s exactly what Teagan Hunter does in this book. I loved the bickering, sarcasm, the conflict and steamy-ness between the main characters. It made me want more! I couldn’t put this book down. It also made each scene with them entertaining…so freaking funny!

Besides the fantastic characters, Teagan builds a captivating story that pulled me in. I wanted to know why these two characters were enemies, I wanted them to be together yet I agreed with Holland at time and could see her point. I was frustrated and angered too. I easily connected with them and found them to be relatable. 

Looking for a great read!? Check this one out!

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