Adult Romance · Hockey Romance

Puck Shy by Teagan Hunter (5 Star Review)

Pucked Shy by Teagan Hunter

5 Stars!

Goodreads link HERE

Hockey Romance/Adult Romance 

A hockey romance from Teagan Hunter? Yes, PLEASE!

If you follow my blog and/or reviews, you probably know that I LOVE anything by Teagan Hunter. I have NEVER EVER been disappointed. Teagan’s writing style, her detailed characters and plots, and steamy moments help to create amazing romance books that I can’t put down! Seriously, I find myself HOOKED into these stories. I also find myself struggling to slow down and enjoy every moment when I just want to devour each book. Oh, and the characters…Teagan creates such interesting, unique, funny, sarcastic and relatable characters that propel each story forward. She does this with this book too.

This book was so good! I really enjoy hockey romances and I knew Teagan would make a great one. She created yet another captivating story with great characters! I was grinning so much, laughing out loud – everything – all the emotions! I also really enjoyed her use of text messages as way for the two main characters to converse and get to know each other. It makes the story so much fun and interesting!

Without giving to much away, this story has hockey and it’s a romance…do yourself a favor, read this book. It’s just so FREAKING GOOD. 🙂 Preorder your copy NOW! The book will be available tomorrow!

Amazon link HERE

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