Unbroken by R. J. Lewis (5 Star Review)

5 Stars!

Dark Romance, Friends to Lovers, Trio Romance 

Speechless. I have been sitting here for what seems like forever trying to figure out how to write this review. First, let me tell you how much I LOVE R.J. Lewis books. Some of my favorite reads are “Borden”, “Hawke”, “Sex, Lies and Nikolai”…check out my R.J. Lewis reviews HERE. They are freaking fantastic!

Back to Unbroken…

I wasn’t expecting how this story played out. Overall, this is a win for me. Any book that keeps me guessing and is unpredictable automatically gets brownie points from me. I think I am so speechless because this isn’t the type of book I typical enjoy…I do like dark romances but this one felt extra dark and disturbing. I also think my state of mind and emotions were higher when reading this and it really made me feel for the characters and their stories. I was captivated with each character and watching them grow and seeing where they came from. 

Also, Trio Romance books are not my thing but this opened my eyes. The complex backstories really sold me on the idea and how R.J. Lewis didn’t jump right into the romance but let the character grow and develop infront of me….that was everything. I really enjoyed the complex relationship between the three main characters.

I don’t plan want to give away any of the story. I think you should go into this book with an open mind, like me. But be warned, it’s dark…it’s thrilling and captivating…it’s a hard book to put down…

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