Northern Stars by Brittainy Cherry (5 Stars Book Review)

Northern Stars by Brittainy Cherry

5 stars!!

This book is SO good! It was captivating, made me feel so many emotions and was written so well. This is what I have come to expect and love from Brittainy’s books. I am never disappointed.

What made this book so captivating!? The detailed back stories of the main characters. From the very beginning, I was connecting with these characters. I could easily understand where they were coming from and I could see myself in them. Even if I haven’t been through their exact life moments. These characters were real, down to earth, raw and easily likable. I was rooting for them…and that hooked me. I couldn’t put this book down.

When I say I couldn’t put this book down…I also didn’t want to devour it either. It was a book I wanted to slowly enjoy because I was loving it. I didn’t want to skip over any details and I wanted the story to last. (Even though there were a couple of parts I wanted to rush through to find resolution.)

Without giving to much away, Hailey is sweet and down to earth and so is Aiden. They go so well together and I loved seeing them grow up together. I also loved reading how thier feelings evolved and grew. Choices are made. Tension is created. Then one of the best parts…seeing them interact after the craziness. Oh the tension…steamy…funny and sexy!

You can’t miss this book. So good.

Buy now on Amazon.

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