FAVORITE! Sex, Lies & Nikolai by R. J. Lewis (Book Review)


5 of 5 – FAVORITE

Adult Romance/Mafia Romance

Contains violence and sexual situations.

Blurb from Amazon:
“Poverty is a bitch, and life isn’t a fairy tale.
College was never in my cards.
Jobs will never come easy to find.
There is no Prince Charming itching to rescue me.
I’m completely alone, destitute and destined to struggle until the end of my days.
Destined to be sucked into a world of debt because as much as I’m pushing away the only option that sits in front of me, it’s truly the only one I have:

Nikolai is my only hope.

Problem is, he’s a dangerous Russian with a questionable past, and I find out soon enough just how far I must go to **earn** his help.”

OMG. This book CRUSHED me. It has been so long since a book has made me feel so many emotions that I felt drained and exhausted after reading it…it was so good!

R. J. Lewis knows how to write a story that grabs the reader’s attention from the very beginning and can keep it locked in until the very end. Also all of the characters in R. J. Lewis’ books are so well developed, relatable and realistic…make it effortless to connect and feel for each of them. I connected instantly with Alina and this is why I loved this book so much.

This story hooked me in the first couple of pages; I couldn’t even put it down for a few minutes…I had to know what was going to happen next! The most amazing thing about this book is how emotionally invested I was in Alina. She is such a great and complex character. She is an amazing woman with her head on straight but has been given the worst situations in life. She tries to handle each terrible situation with dignity and strength…I seriously don’t know how she (or anyone in these situations) does it. I felt all of her emotions with her and I also became her biggest fan! I felt like I was on the sideline cheering her on and constantly telling her to keep her head up. I loved EVERYTHING about her. I loved how hard she works to make ends meet for her sister and herself. I loved how much she cares and loves her sister…and I loved how much sass and drive she has within herself. She has a heart of gold which makes it really hard to read some of the things she goes through.

Nikolai is great too. He’s hot, strong and mysterious. He also deals with terrible situations and is able to relate with Alina to a certain extent. Together they have some of the hottest chemistry I have ever read…and I think it’s because they get each other and their situations.

This book title is everything and sums it all up. Sex – yes! Lies – yes! And Nikolai – yes!

Be ready to take an emotional ride and to not put this book down! Buy here on Amazon.

6 responses to “FAVORITE! Sex, Lies & Nikolai by R. J. Lewis (Book Review)”

  1. Oh nice! I’m adding it to my list!

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  2. Glad you keep finding good books to feed your reader!! I hope your streak continues!

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  3. I love books with Russian characters! XD
    I don’t often read romancy, steamy stuff but a few years back I read a couple of books from Her Russian Protector series by Roxie Rivera. Plenty Russian testosterone, action and romance in those books if you feel like checking it out.

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    1. Ooooh! Thanks for the recommendation! I will check it out! 😊

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