Saint (Boston Underworld 4) by A. Zavarelli (Book Review)

5 of 5 – FAVORITE!

Adult Romance/Mafia Romance

WARNING – this book contains very sensitive subject matters

ARC provided for an honest review.

Scarlett was broken by them and now they must pay. She makes it her life goal to hunt them down and nothing will stand in her way. Not even Rory.

Rory is a fighter for the Irish mafia. He has watched his boss and some of the other men find their own women but he knows he won’t find his. He already has. She lights a dark desire inside his heart but she won’t give him a second of her time.

WOW. AH. Just WOW! Ms. Zavarelli has made yet another book that will consume you and take you for an emotionally dark journey into the Boston Underworld/Irish Mafia. Her characters are so well-developed and complex. She writes such gripping and intriguing stories for each of her characters and each story is unique and absolutely breathtaking. This book was amazing. I devoured it in hours. I seriously couldn’t put it down!!!

Like I said before. This book is DARK, gritty and sometimes very difficult to read. There are scenes that will make you feel uncomfortable but there are also scenes that will make you feel amazing. I believe the dark and tough-to-read scenes really add depth and complexity to the story and each character. This story is SO worth reading! (Crow, Reaper and Ghost too!)

Rory and Scarlett are complex. I just loved how the story dives directly into Scarlett’s point of view and mindset. She is so beautiful and so broken. The beginning of this book was so vital to it’s success because it allows the reader to really get to know and start to understand Scarlett. And, hell, she was so interesting and intriguing! I had to know more about her and her backstory – and you do find out later in the story. Rory is all alpha male. Just like the other Irish mobsters, he’s tough and sexy. It was really great to see the dynamic between Rory and Scarlett especially as they progress, grow and learn as individuals throughout the story.

This story will not disappoint. I highly recommend Saint and the three others works of Ms. Zavarelli- Crow, Reaper and Ghost.

Wow. Seriously Wow. This story is breathtaking, heartbreaking and heartwarming. It’s everything.

Saint releases December 17th. Add to Goodreads now!


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