Scoring Chance by Teagan Hunter (4.5 Star Book Review)

4.5 Stars

Hockey Romance, Virgin Hero

Goodreads blurb

I LOVED the story of Scout and Miller. This book has everything that I want in a great romance read. Sweet, down-to-earth characters, steamy scenes, scarastic and hilarious text messages and a cute plot that kept me intrigued.

Another thing that I REALLY enjoyed is how relatable Scout is. She reminds me of myself and so many other women. She isn’t a size zero and she isn’t rich. She is sweet, funny and a little spicy. She grows through the story and I loved watching her character develop and grow! I also really enjoyed Miller, duh…sexy and funny hockey player, but Scout stole the show for me. 100%.

If you’re looking for a hockey romance that will make you laugh and swoon…this is for you!

Buy now on Amazon!

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