Levitate By Kaylee Ryan (Book Review)


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Category: Romance (Contains Death/Personal Loss)

“This beautiful girl is broken, and in this moment, I want nothing more than to make her whole again. I don’t know why or what it means.”

If you are looking for a romance with an “alpha” male and beautifully broken girl – this is for you! Kensington is average girl currently finishing her senior year of college. She is plagued with memories of her tragic past, which she keeps secret. Maxton is a local bar owner and strong and assertive man. He has no trouble getting the women that he wants. When he meets Kensington, he immediately is intrigued by her and wants to make her his girl. Although commitment has never been in his vocabulary, Kensington changes everything.

I really enjoyed the interactions between Kensington and Maxton. They are the couple that you hate to love – they are the opposites that attract. She is beautiful and like most girls (besides her past) she is quiet/to herself. He is handsome yet off putting. Personally, I wanted to know more of his story. I wanted to know why he acted the way he does. I wish there would have been a little more background to Maxton. His “player” ways seem a bit unjustified to me. His sudden turn from being an assertive jerk to wanting to be sweet and loving was hard for me to adjust to. It was a quick turnaround.

Overall, I really enjoyed this quick read! The romance was hot, the characters were hot and the story behind them was captivating!

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