Sweet Fall (Book 3) by Tillie Cole (Book Review)


4.5 of 5

This can be read as a standalone. This was my first Tillie Cole book that I read.

Sweet Fall is a beautiful yet heart wrenching novel that touches on many of life’s struggles. (Some that are rarely spoken of)

Lexi is a senior and “peppy” cheerleader at the University of Alabama. She is quiet, dark, beautiful, and hiding a secret, something she has been struggling with for years. Austin is a starting wide receiver for the football team. He is dark, handsome and hiding a secret too – his past. With Lexi’s disorder taking control of her and Austin’s past plaguing his future, these two might realize that they need each other – more than they will ever know.

I was hooked into this story! Lexi appears to be a normal woman who is succeeding in life but there is always more than meets the eyes. As I was reading on, Lexi’s disorder started to consume her and It consumed me as a reader. It is absolutely heart breaking and (honestly) hard to understand but Tillie Cole did such a great job of writing/showing it. It really made it easier for me to follow especially since I have no experience with this disorder. Austin’s past with gangs and drugs is also a difficult situation. He values his family and loves his bed-ridden, sick mother so much. His struggles are just as extreme as Lexi’s. Both of them together are perfect. Their chemistry as first lacked but once they start to get to know each other and break down walls, I couldn’t stop rooting for them!

I highly recommend this novel! Check it out!

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