Altered by Kelly Cain (Book Review)


4 of 5

I was given an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review.

Liv is a very smart woman who realizes that her current relationship is crumbling. She has to decide what she will do next in her life and if she needs to move forward in a new direction. She is very intriguing and yet slightly off putting (at first). Although she is older than Nicholas and very smart she sometimes shows her immaturity but that’s because she is just learning about herself. She is starting to realize what she wants and needs in her life. Nicholas is a young man who is very mysterious and intelligent. He is way ahead of his peers because he has past that drives him to succeed and strive to better himself. The main characters, Liv and Nicholas, are very realistic and believable. Their individual stories really add to the main plot, making this read captivating and endearing. I really enjoyed the chemistry and interactions between Liv and Nicholas. I found it hard to put the book down because I wanted to know what Liv would say and how Nicholas would react. Liv and Nicholas are two completely different individuals with drastically different background stories and life experiences, seeing how the story plays out is thrilling!

I also really enjoyed the well-rounded secondary character Julia, Liv’s roommate. From the very beginning, I found myself agreeing with Julia on her input to Liv on Liv’s relationships. Julia is the wise friend who knows how to keep her distant yet gives some good advice/observations that Liv really needs to hear. In some stories, the best friend or roommate secondary character can take away from the story (makes you want to skip ahead to the main characters) but I would say that Julia was interesting and also captivating. She really helped to push Liv when she needed it most or at least to help her realize a few things that she couldn’t clearly see for herself.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book! There were a couple moments that seemed a little slow and a couple scenes that I really wish were more written out (For example – bar scene in the beginning) but Liv and Nicholas’s story is heartwarming! This is a must read!

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