Best of Me by Elisabeth Barrett (Book Review)


Copy provided for an honest review

3 of 5

Jane is a single mother trying to make a normal life for herself and Andy, her young son. She lost her job at a bakery due to the business closing so she moves into her mother’s house. On top of trying to juggle working at her new job at Briarwood and devoting time to her son, she has to deal with her blackmailing ex-husband, who wants nothing more to hurt her in any way possible.

Preston’s “Press” life hasn’t been easy. He had hit rock bottom to realize that he needed to better himself. Now in a better place, he focuses on his work and Briarwood Golf Club (being a part owner) only to run into a beautiful pastry chef, Jane.

Together Jane and Press have to learn to let each other in and learn to trust or they will never be able to be together.

I really wanted to love this book. I was not sucked into the story or captivated by the characters like I really wanted to be. With that being said, I did really like Jane and Press as individual characters. They both came from troubled pasts and are still learning how to move forward in their lives. They are smart, likeable and realistic main characters. I enjoyed their back stories because it really shows how far both of them have come. I do wonder if the third person narrative threw me off. I wanted to be invested in both Jane and Press’ lives but I couldn’t really feel the chemistry between them throughout the book. (There were various scenes that were hot though!!!!) I think if the book followed either Jane or Press’ perspectives I would have been more captivated.

The secondary characters, especially Jane’s friends and coworkers, were great! Although, I would have really loved to have more interactions with some of them…next book ideas!?!?

Overall, I really liked this story but wish there would have been more chemistry and I wish the book would have hooked me. Check this story out…I am definitely going to look into more books from this author!

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