Love Struck by Laurelin McGee (Book Review)


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Lacy is a singer/songwriter who is dealing with her fiance’s death. Since then, she has been struggling to get past writer’s block and she has a new album booked to be recorded. She finds friendship and guidance in an online forum, where she meets a guy who seems perfect for her. He is her muse yet they have never met in person!

This book was tough for me to read, in a good yet bad way, because I felt like it was dragging out too long and that it took too long for the “secret” to be shared. In a way, it forced me to read on and not fully enjoy the “ride” of the story. Once the story came to a conclusion, I wasn’t completely satisfied. I wanted more! I wanted more of after story the “secret” was revealed. This was my biggest issue.

I really enjoyed the characters, Lacy, Eli, Jax and Andy. They all were very well rounded, realistic and had backstories that showed how they became the people they were. I felt that I could relate and understand them…and the chemistry! Whoa! The chemistry was great! I was smiling, laughing, and feeling uncomfortable and sad.

I also really liked the plot and story line. The music/songwriting story was refreshing. It gave a different spin on the whole story line…it was new and exciting to me! Being able to see the life of a band on tour is a whole new perspective!

I just want to say…this story definitely takes you for a ride (although fast paced). Check it out!

-ARC provided for an honest review through NetGalley-

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  1. I have never heard of this book, but I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Great review!


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