Built by Jay Crownover (Book Review)


4.5 of 5

Sayer Cole is beautiful, smart and job oriented woman. She is an attorney, with a heart of gold, who focuses on child welfare. She spends her free time working…in fact her life revolves around work and the only thing that seems to be distracting her is Zeb Fuller. Zeb Fuller is rough, hard-working and handsome man with a past. They are total opposites…but we all know what they say about opposites attracting. Although they both want nothing more than each other, they are pulled apart. Zeb is surprised when a woman approaches him and delivers crazy news. Zeb needs Sayer more than ever; will they be able to work past this new road bump and give into their desires to be together?

I LOVE both main characters, Sayer and Zeb. Both of them are well rounded, realistic and have a past. Their stories are real and heart breaking. Overall they both are amazing individuals who are learning from and trying to overcome their pasts. There is a quote from the book that I could not stop thinking about…

“Some wounds go so deep and reach so far down into the basic parts of who we are that they can never be healed…They just bleed, fester, and trickle really nasty stuff out of the person bearing them forever.”

Sayer, specifically, has to learn that her past is keeping her from moving on. She is still discovering who she is and who she wants to be.

The characters (and their names! Holy moly! I love the uniqueness of all the characters names!), story line and chemistry are amazing. So good!

The only problem I had with this story was how much Zeb had to push/pursue Sayer. Sayer kept pushing him away, so much so that I almost wanted Zeb to give up. I was getting so frustrated with Sayer that I had to stop reading a few times and roll my eyes. Don’t let this deter you away though – this is an amazing read!

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