Beyond the Stars by Stacy Wise (Book Review)



4 of 5

ARC provided for Honest Review through NetGalley

Jack McAlister is Hollywood’s hottest actor. He is quiet, arrogant and demanding.  Jessica Beckett is now his personal assistant, thanks to her talent agent aunt, when she could have been in France for her junior year of college. She is smart, witty and not willing to allow this Hollywood actor to push her around. Although Jack is handsome, Jessica doesn’t fall easily for celebrity heartthrobs…normally.

This story is fun, lighthearted and refreshing. I really enjoyed the celebrity/assistant role and how Jack and Jessica would interact with each other. Jessica definitely knows how to hold her ground while being an effective and caring personal assistant. Jack’s demands put Jessica in very interesting (and funny) situations in which she handles well! I caught myself laughing out loud and grinning ear to ear. I find Jessica very relatable and likeable! She definitely sold the story for me – her words and actions were perfect for her situations and I couldn’t wait to see what she would do next. I didn’t want to stop reading!

Jessica’s interactions kept me reading on but I felt that there was something missing. The chemistry is hot yet the story tended to drag in the very beginning and in the middle. I wanted more “drama” between Jack and Jessica. I wanted Jack to fight a little more for Jessica and I wanted Jack to show more interest especially in the beginning. The mysteriousness worked a bit but it was a little too much.

Overall, this was a fun and different read for me! I devoured this book in a couple hours and it gave me the feels!  I highly recommend it!


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