A Hold on Me by Pat Esden (Book Review)

4 of 5

I was given an ARC for an honest review through NetGalley

Stephanie is a college aged girl who has a close relationship with her father. Both of them enjoy antiquing and searching for “treasures” that they can sell. Annie’s world starts to fall apart when her father begins to show signs of dementia. Looking to help her father, they travel to her father’s family mansion to be with his family, whom they were never close with. There they learn some dark, paranormal secrets that make Stephanie realize that there is far more going on than just dementia.

Details! Details! Beautiful details!

This story is filled with such rich and captivating details that really set up a dark tone/atmosphere. The gothic setting that is created in this book is absolutely breathtaking. I could practically smell the dusty antiques and the aged mildew of the family mansion. Almost every line in this book is packed with great descriptions! At first I was hooked into the story because of the details but as I read on I started to lose a little bit of interest. I had to take a break from reading to process the story multiple times and when I returned from my first break, I checked my reading progress and was surprised that I was already at 45% through the book. Wow! The details really did suck me in, I would have guesses that I was maybe 15% through. At the same time I still wanted more story progression…more of a plot. I feel that the big reveal took a little too long and when it did happen, it was almost too much at once. The paranormal aspect was a bit different than I am used too so it really threw me off but in a good way too. The story was fresh and exciting. I also expected that there would be a lot more romance to this book, there is some but I wanted more.

Overall the characters were well rounded and very interesting. I really enjoyed Stephanie and her father. Both of them made the story for me. They seemed genuinely nice and very interesting individuals. Stephanie was more relatable to me and her relationship with her father was heartwarming and heart breaking (as the story progresses) all at once…I definitely felt the father/daughter connection between them.

Jumping back little, when it comes to the romance…I wanted more! There were some moments of chemistry but not enough for me to really call this a paranormal romance. (NetGalley categorized this as “New Adult” and “Romance”) More of a paranormal thriller with some romance thrown in. I think if there was more chemistry/romance from the very beginning of the book, I would have been hooked and would not have been able put this book down!

Overall, this book has an unique paranormal twist and rich descriptions! Check it out!

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