The Broken Road by Melissa Huie (Book Review)


3.5 of 5


I received a copy via NetGalley for a honest review.


This a romance story  about a woman, Megan, who is caught in a love triangle. She has always been in love with a long time friend, Shane, who does not seem to love her back and her Ex, Tommy, appears to be in love. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that Shane is hiding something for Megan. Megan and her mother’s house are broken into, Shane comes and goes without explanation/acts sketchy and Megan’s brother Kyle is shot in the line of duty. All of these things are linked to Shane. Can Megan deal with the next twist in her life especially if Shane finally realizes she loves him….and maybe he loves her back?


Megan and Shane have always been friends but Megan always wanted more…and I wanted more! I wanted more chemistry between Shane and Megan. I could understand Megan’s point of view because I could “read” her thoughts. She clearly loves Shane but Shane doesn’t even hint that he cares for Megan. In fact I felt that Shane was using her and from the very beginning. I seriously disliked him and was rooting for Megan to move on with someone else. If Shane would have appeared to be more interested in Megan, I would have liked him more. I needed to see that he cared!


Megan is a well-rounded character. She graduated from college and has a job at her uncle’s law firm. She seems to be level headed, seemingly normal and well adjusted. I had a connection with her and was rooting for her all the way. Shane on the other hand was not as well rounded as Megan. He is mysterious and seemingly a “player” and because I couldn’t connect with him, I really didn’t care or want to root for him. Megan’s family, mother and brother (Kyle) were good additions to the story. They helped to root Megan in the story and they definitely added to it. Alex, the love interest, was clearly thrown into the plot to force Shane to see Megan with someone else and maybe stir up some jealousy…it was very predictable to me. Tommy, Megan’s Ex, is not introduced until later in the story, which to me is good because I would have liked him more than Shane. He clearly shows that he still cares about Megan.


Overall, this story has potential and I think it will get better! I really enjoyed the plot and wanted to know what happened next. I read this in one day with a few breaks. I would have been more captivated if Shane was more appealing and made more of an effort to show that he cared about Megan. Heads up – there is a cliffhanger at the end of this book with a sequel that has been released! I am excited to read the next book!

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