Broken Promises by Melissa Huie – Book 2 in Series (Book Review)


4 of 5

I received a copy through NetGalley for an honest review.

This story starts up right at the cliffhanger in “The Broken Road” (Book 1)! (Didn’t read book 1!? Well go do that first!) I enjoyed Book 1 but felt disconnected to Shane, one of the main characters, from the very beginning. It was difficult for me to really root for him and Megan as a couple because I couldn’t really see what Megan saw in Shane. She is obviously head over heels for this man who doesn’t seem to feel the same way or is unable to show his true feelings.  It was a bit frustrating…and a little bit of this carried into this book, but I will say that I liked this book better than the first!

This story has many twist and turns that Megan has to deal with. It is interesting and captivating to see how she reacts to these series of events. Megan is smart, funny, outgoing and slightly awkward which makes her interactions really fun to watch play out! She honestly was one of the only reason why I wanted to reads this story. She made this story captivating. Although at times I felt that the story took too many turns and had too many “twists”. At one point I was thinking….”Really? Again? Did that really happen? I totally saw that coming!” Don’t let this deter you from reading this series!

Overall Megan is a well-rounded main character who is forced to deal with her life’s crazy events. She is entertaining. The secondary characters, especially her family, are also well-rounded and add to this story. I find the plot refreshing and something that I haven’t really read much of. If you are looking for fun read that will take you on a ride…these books are for you!

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