Cross the Line by Julie Johnson (Book Review)


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“…my stupid, stubborn heart refused to relinquish hope that someday, my soulmate would wake up and smell the freaking pheromones.”

Phoebe is a ridiculously funny and smart woman who is in love with her brother’s hot best friend, Nate, since they were young teens. “Bro code” states that a “Bro” cannot date another “Bro’s” sister… Phoebe has made every effort to seduce and try to get Nate to notice her. Fail. Ten years later, she has convinced herself to “move on” and “hate” Nate…but can she really move on? Now Phoebe needs Nate more than ever when suddenly her life is in danger.

Oh. My. I LOVED this story! Where do I even start!?

Phoebe is so refreshing and such well-rounded character. I loved all her interactions with her friends and family. She is very smart, witty and has no filter. She has been in love with Nate since they were young teens and has tried everything to get him to notice her. Hot clothes, hot shoes….hot situations. Nothing appears to work.  Nate is a handsome and protective man who seems to not notice Phoebe… Nate is dark and mysterious. We don’t really know what he is feeling or thinking, the readers are kept in the dark like Phoebe which aids in connecting and feeling for her. The plot of this story is fast paced, captivating and believable. (I read it in one day!)

This was an absolutely fun and thrilling read. Not only is there a love story but this book hold so much more…there is a plot with twists and turns that will keep you from putting the book down!

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