The Strongest Steel (Second Circle Tattoos) by Scarlett Cole (Book Review)


5 of 5

Harper is running from her past and with good reasons. She has a back full of scars and memories that she cannot shake. After a few years from the original incident, Harper has worked up the courage to approach Trent, one of the best tattoo artist who specializes in working over scars. Trent is creative, extremely talented and gorgeous. Harper needs Trent’s help in covering up her scars and heal from the past. Trent finds Harper beautiful, quiet and broken. Will Harper run from her past… from Trent?

This book will keep you turning the pages and will make you feel so many emotions! Seriously…I did not want to stop reading yet I wanted to savor each and every page and prolong this book because I loved it!

Harper has such a complex story that really adds to the person she has become. She is a well-rounded and believable character who is mature, compassionate and charming. I fell in love with Harper’s character right away. I could relate with her and feel her pain and anxiety. I was rooting for her from the very beginning! Trent is attractive, smart, funny and also charming. He is a little bit of “Bad Boy” with a loyal heart, especially for Harper. Together they make a great pair.

The plot was thrilling…a nail biter for sure! I kept anticipating certain things to happen – the best thing – the author threw me off multiple times. I loved that this book wasn’t overly predictable. The story was refreshing and a bit different from other romance novels.

Be prepared to feel many different emotions with this book…it will take you for a ride! Totally worth it!

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