After We Fall by Marquita Valentine (Book Review)


4 of 5

ARC provided for an honest review through Netgalley

Caution! – This book covers sensitive issues of physical and mental abuse.

Hunter Sloan is handsome cop with a tough past. His past has driven him to strive for what he wants and he wants the beautiful woman he encountered months ago. He can’t seem to stop thinking about her. Then suddenly a mystery woman moves in next door. Evangeline wants nothing more than to start over. After escaping her abusive marriage she decides to move to a small town. After writing off the possibility of falling in love and starting a new relationship, a handsome man next door makes her reconsider.

This book is full of emotionally heavy situations. As the reader we get to see of how Eva (Evangeline) deals with “escaping” her abusive soon-to-be ex-husband. We see how damaged she is and how she moves forward in her life. I find her character growth intriguing and exciting. She has a complex past and even more complex future ahead… learning to deal with her physical and emotional scars. I applaud Marquita for writing on this issue. It is very encouraging to see someone overcome their past…I was rooting for Eva all the way.

The main characters, Hunter and Eva, have complex back stories that give great context to their growth throughout the story. They are well-rounded and intriguing. I wish some of the secondary characters like Hayden, Saylor and Eva’s family would have played bigger roles. I feel  they could have added a lot more to the story. I also feel as though Eva’s family didn’t have the reactions I was expecting when Eva came clear with more details from her past.

Overall, the chemistry between Hunter and Eva is fantastic and their stories are intriguing. This book is captivating and a quick read that will make you think!

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