Here’s to Forever (Novella – #1.5) by Teagan Hunter (Review)


5 of 5

ARC provided for an honest review.

Stop! If you haven’t read Here’s to Tomorrow (Book 1) go do that – NOW! (It is so good! It is captivating, thrilling and will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions! I could not put it down.)

Here’s to Forever follows Rae and Hudson’s story after Book 1. Both of these characters have a few struggles to get through before they can have their “forever”. The chemistry is so hot but yet so much more. In this novella we get to see how much Rae and Hudson belong together. We get to see how they see each other through it all and I absolutely love that! Their relationship is so much more than an average romance story. They appear as real people with real problems. This is so refreshing!

One thing I liked in all the books including this novella is the dialogue between Rae and Hudson because it is hilarious, sweet and endearing. I wanted to keep reading because I knew that Rae and Hudson both would keep the story entertaining. I was feeling all the emotions with Rae and Hudson and could clearly understand each of their sides in each challenge.

I am so glad that Teagan decided to continue their story in this novella because I was wanting more and she definitely delivered!

Here’s the order of books:
Here’s to Tomorrow (Book 1)
Here’s to Forever (Novella 1.5)

Here’s to Yesterday (different characters within the series)




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